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Automotive Industry: Instrumending High End Roadster
- Strain Gage Testing Services : Auto Industry

Over the years we have done a wide variety of projects related to the automotive industry. From vibration and acoustics issues on the drivetrain of our local electric car manufacturer, to diagnosing radiator failure on a high performance after market product. The use of strain gage testing in locating the frequency dependent load path is very helpful increasing certainty in the debugging process. This testing becomes part of our larger understanding whole system and its interrelated dynamic couplings.

Strain Gage Testing of Cracking Issues
Strain Gage Testing of Cracking Issues

Strain Measurement per unit Acceleration
Strain Measurement per unit Acceleration

Working at our Local Car Manufacturer, Tesla Motors
Working at our Local Car Manufacturer, Tesla Motors

- Strain Gage Testing Services Topics Include:
Overview, Rotating Machinery, Medical Device, Power Generation, Electronics-PCBs Semiconductor, Food Industry, Auto Industry

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